Brugnetti Viola X 2020 1 Group New Black

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Brugnetti Viola X 2020 1 Group New Black

Brugnetti has continued to produce quality espresso coffee equipment since 1947, and with over 7 decades of experience customers know that they can trust the Brugnetti brand. This is especially true about the Brugnetti Viola 2020. The Brugnetti Viola is a beautiful heat exchanger machine, with a large 3L water tank, dual pressure gages, and an exposed E61 group head. The large 3L water tank ensures that the machine is completely self contained, and paired with the beautiful exposed E61 head, this machine will consistently produce beautiful shots of coffee in the comfort of your own home. The new 2020 model also comes with the extra edition of stunning matte black sides, which adds an extra flare of sophistication to an already lovely machine.

Features and specifications:?
  • Matte Black Sides
  • Stainless Front & Back Panel
  • Vibration Pump
  • 1.5L Copper Boiler
  • 3L Water Tank
  • Lever Operation
  • Hot Water Tap
  • Steam Wand
  • Steam Pressure Gauge
  • Brew Pressure Gauge
  • 1400 watt/ 10amp Single Phase Power Supply
  • Dimensions: 26cm W x 45cm D x 43cm H