Rocket Cinquantotto R58 1 Group New

Rocket has been one of the leaders in the domestic machine range and the Cinquantotto R58 continues to live up to Rocket standards. This machine has an E61 group head for superior brewing, equipped with a pre-infusion chamber for producing beautiful espresso. The Cinquantotto R58? is equipped with an inbuilt water tank that makes it completely self-contained, however, as it is paired with a rotary pump it can also be connected directly to the water mains. The Cinquanttotto has also been paired with a PID system, which allows the barista to adjust temperatures and pressures when brewing all manner of different beans, however, this lovely machine has also been paired with a shot-timer to further enhance the barista?s control over their coffee. Pair these fantastic features with the included naked portafilter and a dual boiler system, and everyone will be jealous of the standard of coffee that you can make in the comfort of your own home. This machine is perfect for anyone who loves a quality coffee, shot after shot.

Features & Specification:?
  • Rotary Pump
  • E61 Group Head
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Lever Activation
  • 1.8L Steam Boiler
  • 0.60L Steam Boiler
  • 2.9L Water Tank
  • Mains Water Connection Available
  • Attachable PID Temperature Control
  • Shot Timer
  • Cool Touch Steam wand
  • 1 x Single Portafilter
  • 1 x Naked Portafilter
  • 1400 Watts / 10 Amp Single Phase Power Supply
  • Dimensions 31cm W x 44cm D x 38.5cm H