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Sanremo Coffee machines is proud to present the revolutionary CUBE, the new Semi-professional one group model, that follows in the footprints of the Café Racer. An object of desire, advanced technology and minimal design in the “Sanremo style” tradition.

Thanks to the new colour palette, the CUBE offers a great choice for domestic use.

– 1.9 L
– Heat exchanger
– Stainless steel
– 1500 W/230 Vac – 1300 W/120 Vac power
– Fully insulated to improve heating efficiency

Selectable water supply
– 1.8 L internal water tank
– Ability to plumb into main water line
– Removable water tank
– Integrated protection cover and anti-drip valve
– Rounded internal edges for an easier cleaning
– Strong three-position tap to select input water supply from (Main-closed-tank)

Steam wand
– Cool touch (Anti-burning feature even with prolonged use. Steam wands are fitted with latte art high-performance steam terminals.)
– Purge function

Hot water tap
– Removable nozzle for easier cleaning

Volumetric pump
– High-performance
– Rated 54 L/h

LED panel
– High-efficiency prompts
– Machine on/off, machine ready/heated up, and water tank alarm indicator

Multi-function user display
– Adjust boiler temperature
– Shot clock for extraction time
– Enable and program water filter expiry
– Messages for water level and faults

Internal spillover basin
– Made in high-resistance plastic
– Completely closed to protect user and internal components

Green mindset
– Energy-saving system
– Put the machine on standby mode when not in use, allowing a considerable reduction in energy consumption.
– Compliant to “Ecodesign” European directive 2009/125/EC for home appliances

Electronic thermal management
– Solid state relay
– PID algorithm
– High thermal stability and reactivity

Internal wi-fi module
– Connect a smartphone via the WebApp
– Point-to-point or cloud communication
– Gives control and interaction
– OverTheAir technology
– Allows automatic software updating

Additional features
– E61 thermosiphon group
– Mechanical pre-infusion
– Line/pump pressure gauge
– Boiler pressure gauge
– Removable drip tray with drain tube
– Stainless steel cup frame
– Adjustable legs
– Electronic diagnostic for fault decision

Included accessories
– Water supply inlet pipe
– Drain hose clamp
– Drain pipe
– Single portafilter
– Double portafilter
– (2) Single filters
– (2) Double filters
– Blind filter
– Cleaning brush
– Cleaning cloth
– Tamper
– 350 ml milk jug
– T-shirt gift voucher
– Sanremo bag
– Instruction booklet
Technical Features:

9L heat exchanger boiler stainless steel AISI 316
8L internal water tank / plumbed connection
SR61 thermosiphon group with mechanical pre-infusion
High performance rotary pump (54L/h)
Boiler power (1500W/230Vac)
1620W/230Vac total power
Energy Saving System
User display
Wi-Fi connection with Web App
8 Colours Available: Black, White, Stainless Steel, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue and Red.
Complete set of accessories for user experience, including high grade competition IMS baskets
CUBE Accessory Box contains:
Sanremo micro-fibre Barista cloth
Sanremo tote bag
CUBE t-shirt
Stainless steel 350ml milk jug
Cleaning brush
Stainless steel tamper
IMS shower screen (pre-installed)
Single portafilter
Double portafilter
Machine dust cover
7-9 gram IMS basket
16-18 gram IMS basket
18-20 gram IMS basket
20-22 gram IMS basket
Blind basket
Drain hose
Water inlet hose (16ml diameter)
Smart coffee at your fingertips

+ Remote machine on/off
+ Set-up boiler temperature
+ Manage water tank level
+ Enable and manage water filter signaling.
+ Show shot time in real time
+ Statistics: daily, weekly and monthly counters for coffee and water consumption.
+ Weekly scheduler to program up to three different “time slot” per day to fit perfectly around your life!


Width: 32.3 cm
Depth: 46.5 cm
Height: 36.9 cm
Weight: 26.5 kg

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Black, White, Silver, Green, Blue, Yellow (Pre-Order), Red (Pre-Order), Pink (Pre-Order)

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