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Rocket R 60v Espresso seeks to enhance the movement for better espresso in the home. The new R60V pressure profile 1 group machine further closes the gap between premium domestic espresso machines and the latest in commercial machine technology and developments.

Variable pump pressures enhance all coffees. Traditionally 9 bar of pump pressure has been the standard to extract oils and flavours from coffee to produce an espresso. As we learn more about coffee, from processing at the farm through to pouring an espresso, we also desire the ability to experiment and test these boundaries for ourselves.

Within each of the 5 stages of the pressure profiling system, it is possible to program both the time intervals and the pump pressure setting in combination with each other.
The introduction of the Rocket Espresso Communication Pod allows adjustments to be made to through a remote controller or through the machine Wi-Fi system which will display real time temperatures, pressures and extraction times.

The premium domestic market is raising awareness through the ability to chase perfect espresso in the home. Machines such as the R 60V allow this market to further evolve, offering the equal of the latest commercial machine features and technologies.