Terrific, thanks Mark. The grinder works a treat btw - could not be happier. I have a Bezzera and finally it's making coffee like it should!

Good news: I found the cargo that was lost and today evening I've picked it up from the Wewak airport.
It's in good shape. In one place at the back of the machine cover sticks a bit up. It must've been done during the shipment.
Coffee is tasty. Machine works well.
Thank you for all your help and work you've done.
If you're around you're always welcome for a cup of coffee😀😀😀

Thanks so much! My dad raves about your coffee so I thought it was about time to buy it myself! 🙂


Hi Mark ... the Isomac Tea is now working on a daily basis at home, providing great coffee ... worth the wait.

Thanks very much