Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima 1 Group


Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima 1 Group

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    EAGLE ONE PRIMA is a versatile and eclectic 1 group coffee machine that opens to a new way of living and perceiving the coffee experience. EAGLE ONE PRIMA is a machine that more than any other VICTORIA ARDUINO product on the market is able to interpret current trends and envision the future. It fits just right into small workspaces. It is ideal for start-ups and renowned businesses, professional and home use, exclusive boutiques that often change looks, pop, and classy atmospheres, even where coffee is not the center activity. EAGLE ONE PRIMA can transform while remaining the same and matches flawlessly with the concept of eclecticism. It can change based on the environment and spaces it sits in, but it can also change seasonally by modifying its looks and adding fresh new colors and textures that interpret the current trends. With many images for a unique idea of accessible glamour like a tailored dress or fashion accessory, EAGLE ONE PRIMA is available in many colors and exclusive editions. Design and sustainable technology Like in the Eagle One machine, EAGLE ONE PRIMA by Victoria Arduino pinpointed a goal: designing a product where workflow comfort meets esthetical and functional qualities while continuing technological research and igniting innovative energy. The result is a perfect combination of esthetics and simplicity. Furthermore, it offers a sustainable design that fully considers the machine’s environmental impact in terms of economic and energy savings. Prima incorporates NEO technology (New Engine Optimization) that represents a totally new approach the heating water for coffee extraction, using less energy. The design, the applied technologies, and the insulation system drastically reduce environmental impact, making EAGLE ONE PRIMA an authentic, sustainable machine.

  • Neo – New Engine Optimisation
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency
  • Compact and sustainable
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Cool Touch Wand
    1 Group
    Power (amp) 10
    Wattage (W) 2600
    Voltage (V) 220-240
    Group Heads 1
    Steam Wand 1 (cool touch)
    Hot Water 1
    Group Height (mm) 95
    Dimensions (mm) W 411 x D 510 x H 379
    Weight (kg)

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White, Stainless, Black

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