Melitta Cafina XT6. 1 Grinder, 2 Milk, Hot Water, 2 Instant,Milk Cooler 2x 10L

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Melitta Cafina XT6. 1 Grinder, 2 Milk, Hot Water, 2 Instant,Milk Cooler 2x 10L

Melitta? Cafina? XT6 – Coffee perfection in every cup.
  • Touch-Display -?Digital controls and touch display for simple operation and versatile programming
  • Milk system with cold milk Foam -?makes it possible to dispense hot and cold milk and hot and cold milk foam in a variable, individually programmable consistency
  • Two Grinders – Available with one or two grinders
  • Integrated Cocoa-/Instantmodule -?Integrated Cocoa-/Instantmodule
  • Hot water -?Hot water for tea
  • Milk foam -?Manual milk foam in barista style with separate steam lance possible
  • Fresh water connection -?Fresh water connection or mobile solution
  • CIP -?CIP – easy cleaning without removal of parts, HACCP-checked and certified
  • Perfect -?Perfect for the counter or self service
  • Hot water -?Hot water for tea

Hourly output in Cups (depending on the model, drink and container size)

Filter coffee Caf? Cr?me Espresso Cappuccino Cocoa Steam / Hot Water
150 170 130 80 25 Liter

Technical Data: 230V / 2,8 kW
Dimensions: 300 mm / 580 mm / 715 mm (W / D / H)

You can only get premium quality out if there is premium quality on the inside

The Cafina? XT6 could not have been developed without Melitta’s many customers in the catering industry. Their requirements and suggestions were taken into account and found their way into the specifications of a new generation of automatic coffee machines. In-depth market analysis was also carried out to establish the requirements of guests. Then a wide variety of innovative developments were required in order to launch a model that would lead the way in its class when it comes to technology and operation.

New milk foam system

Now all you need is the perfect foam. Our brand new milk foam system makes it easy to serve a cappuccino with a hot milk or a cold milk foam in an instant.

No readjustments required

ACS? automatically readjusts the grinding disks throughout their entire lifetime. It adjusts the coarseness of grounds, quantity of powder, pressure, brewing time and water temperature. The quality remains high, the amount of coffee required is low and no service appointments are required for readjustment.

Hard-wearing touchscreen display

A light touch on the coloured, hardwearing TFT touchscreen display is all it takes. The set quantity of coffee beans are ground.

Melitta? Cafina? XT6 at a glance

Clear lines, silver accents, black and white – the Cafina? XT6 has a contemporary look to show off its up-to-date technology. Added to this is the high quality of the carefully selected materials, such as the 3 mm thick aluminium side panels and the robust industrial-quality touchscreen display, which reacts immediately to any touch.

Clean in Place (CIP)
Automatic Cleaning System Clean in Place (CIP)
Daily cleaning takes place automatically using the CIP
(Clean in Place) cleaning system. Nothing needs to be dismantled for this cleaning to take place.
Professional stainless steel brewing unit
The brewing unit is made from high-quality materials – predominantly stainless steel – which means that you can operate the machine with a maximum net weight of 20 g without the risk of wear. Thanks to the micro fine sieve, maximum aroma is guaranteed.
Coffee bean and instant containers
In addition to the two coffee bean containers, each with a capacity of 1 kg, the Cafina? XT6 also has two instant containers, each holding 450-800 grams of powder. The drink is prepared in the mixer unit. Any remaining powder is sucked out, keeping the pipes clear.
Certified Hygiene
Fachlabor f?r Sensorik, Berlin: HACCP konformes Ger?t
Height-adjustable Dispenser
The height of the dispenser is continuously adjustable and can be adapted to all cup and mug sizes between 70 and 185 mm in no time at all.
Integrated instant module
Even more variety with the powerful instant module for one or two types. Cocoa specialties for younger guests or the use of instant milk in the office – everything is possible. The removable container (capacity about 1.3 kg) can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
Lighting concept
The light strip, which can be individually configured, adapts to suit any ambience perfectly. The entire cup area is lit by daylight LEDs so that your products are always in the limelight.
Maximum Aroma
With the micro fine sieve (45,100 holes over 1075 mm?), you can grind particularly finely, giving a high coffee yield. Thanks to this fine sieve, you can even create a first-class espresso with just 8 g of coffee!
Milk system with cold milk foam
makes it possible to dispense hot and cold milk and hot and cold milk foam in a variable, individually programmable consistency.
Variable Pressure System (VPS)
Variable Pressure System (VPS): You can set the piston contact pressure individually so that you can really do justice to the distinctive features of the coffee speciality in question.
Batch mode
A large table has just placed an order? Use the batch function, a memory function of the Cafina? XT6. Select the drinks you require and type “batch order”. All the orders are listed in the batch window and can then be retrieved one after the other. Another request comes in the meantime? No problem. Enter the drink and then continue to work on the order in the batch window.
Awarded design
High-quality, ergonomic shapes and pure design with defined accent colors for the functions characterize the Melitta Cafina XT6.