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Delonghi Refurbished Compact Automatic

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Delonghi Refurbished Compact Automatic

A 1 year full manufactuere warranty is included.

De?Longhi T2, if you are in the market for a new machine for home or small office space then this term is something you need to become familiar with.

If you are an avid follower of Service Sphere you may have heard us talking about these types of machines before. If you have and you thought, what is a T2? Then we need to talk. A T2 basically refers to the machine being determined as Tier 2 machine. Ultimately, the machine is the cr?me of the crop when it comes to previously owned machines. These machines are selected and sent to us directly from the manufacturer as suitable for refurbishment and resell. In order for it to be determined as a T2 it must tick some boxes.

  • Low Vends: the espresso machine has generally only made a small amount of coffees in its lifetime.
  • Short life: The machine would have only been owned for a short period of time. Generally speaking, the previous owners would only have it for anywhere between 1 week and 3 months.
  • Factory Seconds: In some way shape or form the machine has had an issue causing the previous owner to request either a refund or a replacement. De?Longhi then collect the machines in best condition and pass them onto our service team for inspection.
  • Refurbished: Our technicians are able to take the machine apart, diagnose the issue, and refurbish what minor implications the machine may have.
  • Manufacturer?s Warranty: Unlike other refurbished machines on the market. Our T2 machines come with a 12-month manufacturer?s warranty.

In the plainest terms, a T2 De?Longhi is a machine that has had a short life and been returned as a result of a malfunction, or customer refund. This has then been determined suitable for refurbishment and ready for another home.

Our refurbishment process takes place in our workshop. Our techs run a diagnostic test, in order to determine what the issue is, if there is one with the machine. Once that is determined it is fixed and then refurbished to its former glory. Once this has been achieved the unit is then placed on our shelves and sold at 2 thirds to half the cost of a new unit.


  • Easy to use control panel with two-line text display
  • Patented?Automatic Cappuccino System: for Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte and milk
  • Easy to personalise and memorise all types of coffee settings by choosing a short, medium or long coffee, and to taste a strong or extra mild aroma; enjoy it piping hot or at medium temperature.
  • Cup Warmer & Illumination
  • Easy to clean carafe with integrated Auto Clean function
  • Pre-brewinG function
  • Programmable automatic switch-on and stand-by from 15 minutes to 3 hour
  • Brewed coffees counte
  • Programming of water hardness
  • Coffee grounds container capacity indicator: 14 cups or after 72 hours from first use
  • Integrated silent grinder with 13 adjustable grinding settings
  • Prepare two cups of coffee with single brewing


Rated Voltage (V) 220 – 240
Input Power (W) 1450
Bean Capacity (g) 250g
Dimensions (Cm) 43 W x D 423 x H 34
Weight (kg) 9
Dispensing Level Min/Max 86/142 mm
Coffee Grounds Container?(n?): 14


  • What is not included in the sale of a?refurbished?machine
    • NO Stainless MILK JUG on Specialista.


  • ?What is included:1 x Power Cord , 1 x User manual , and for Auto`s 1 x Milk jug if applicable , 1 x Choc Jug if applicable 1 x water spouts / steamer nozzle if applicable.