Brita Purity C Filter Head 0-70%

Brita Purity C Filter Head 0-70%

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The Brita Purity C Filter Head enables a variable by-pass setting of 0 – 70 % and suits all the Brita Purity C range of filters Quell ST, Finest, C1000 AC and Fresh. The Brita Filter Head has 3/8″ bsp male inlet and outlets with a mounting bracket. The head also includes a flush and bleed valve.

1. To replace filter cartridge, rotate the locking handle to divert the water and release the cartridge. Press the flush valve and depressurise the filter. Remove the filter cartridge from the filter head.

2. The filter cartridge can be pivoted by 90˚ in the wall mounting bracket for removal. Remove the protective cap from the new filter cartridge. Note the next exchange date in the field on the filter cartridge.

3. Insert the filter cartridge vertically into the filter head and turn the locking handle until you hear it click. Operate the flush valve and rinse the filter system until the filtered water runs clear without bubbles – Done!

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