Aeropress Able Brewing Filter x2-Standard &Fine

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Aeropress Able Brewing Filter x2-Standard &Fine

Two Filters Included:
STANDARD: Fuller body cup of coffee with a bit more fines. Thicker and should last many years of heavy use and is very hard to bend/damage.
FINE: Very sweet clean cup of coffee with very little fines to none at all. It is thinner (1/3 of the Standard) and should be handled with care as bending/damage is more likely.

Brief Instructions:

Using Able is simple, place the filter in your AeroPress Cap, then place the cap on the AeroPress and you?re ready to go!


1 x Able Brewing Disk – Standard

1 x Able Brewing Disk – Fine


The Able Brewing Coffee Filter is a reusable filter designed to be used with the AeroPress? Coffee Maker. The Able Filter allows more oils and a fuller bodied cup of coffee when used with the AeroPress?. It also eliminates the need for paper filters, which is especially convenient when traveling.

Able Brewing Disk Aeropress Coffee Filter – Standard Features
  • 100% Eco Friendly – Eliminates paper waste completely to make your Aeropress brewing routine a waste-less event.
  • Heavy Mouthfeel – The filter holes are just large enough to let a small amount of micro grounds and natural oils into your final mug, creating a heavier, fuller mouthfeel.
  • Rich Flavor Profile – The combo of natural oils and micro grounds produces a rich coffee experience that?s ripe with strong flavors and aromas.
  • Travel Ready – Easy to clean, reusable, and fits into the Aeropress for painless packing.
Able Brewing Disk Aeropress Coffee Filter – Fine Features
  • 100% Eco Friendly – Eliminates paper waste and makes your Aeropress routine eco friendly without compromise.
  • Smooth, Clean Mouthfeel – The very fine holes reduce sediment and let the natural oils through to create a smooth, clean cup.
  • Rich Flavor Profile – Natural coffee oils slide through to create a richly aromatic and flavorful mug of coffee.
  • Travel Ready – Leave the paper filters at home for a leaner brewing experience while on the road.

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